Bitcoin Sidechain Plays

A list of possible Bitcoin sidechain plays:

Sidechain plays:

  • USDchain: sidechains pegged to traditional currencies like USD. Selling into and out of this chain would have the effect of buying and selling BTC for USD, however, no USD would change hands. All settlement would use BTC. Use ideas from Truthcoin. Not sure if this is possible, or makes sense. Can’t have naked positions.
  • WIFIchain: Resell your internet for bitcoin, by the minute. Towards an open mesh net.
  • Zerocoin as sidechain.
  • Escrow as sidechain
  • Realestate sidechain: How do you ensure real world assets actually map to sidechain?
  • Insurance Sidechain.
  • Tipping sidechain: Any benifits over changetip?
  • Fast settlement sidechain.
  • OpenBazarr as sidechain.
  • Namecoin as sidechain.

Sidechain plays in progress:

More list of bitcoin plays.

Reddit thread on killer apps for bitcoin.


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