Bitcoin ATM

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So I’ve decided what I’m going to do with bitcoin. I’m going to build a bitcoin ATM.

I bought a used ATM on ebay. This will be fun….


7 thoughts on “Bitcoin ATM

  1. Sadly it looks like it will only dispense money, (not take deposits) one could not go to it and exchange cash for bitcoin, (no matter which way it eventually works, dispensing cash or BTC)

  2. can you buy Bitcoins with dollars? (Or sell dollars with bitcoin)? ATMs usually dispense fiat scrip but don’t have the ability to accept deposits. I’d like to see trades in both directions.

  3. I thought there was an average time (60-80min) for the bitcoin transfer to propagate throughout the network? If so, it would make instant cash difficult. In terms of interface, scrap the screen. Rely on an android app to provide the GUI using NFC to verify the presence of the person at the machine.

    Good luck!

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