Bitcoin Sidechain Plays

A list of possible Bitcoin sidechain plays: Sidechain plays: USDchain: sidechains pegged to traditional currencies like USD. Selling into and out of this chain would have the effect of buying and selling BTC for USD, however, no USD would change hands. All settlement would use BTC. Use ideas from Truthcoin. Not sure if this is possible, […]

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Bitcoin Hackathon

All photos. Today I’m hosting a bitcoin hackathon. We are working on an open source android client: Donate here: 1FH4v7LAGuD8YooVj6NHRTLXbEgsFs6gSH

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ATM Progress

All photos. More photos. So making great progress with the disassembly. I took all the decals off: Here is the receipt printer: The CPU is inside the vault: The CPU: Startup screen: The cash dispenser: I got a $20 stuck in the dispenser: Loaded it with some cash. This ATM can hold $50,000! Gears: The […]

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Bitcoin ATM

All photos. So I’ve decided what I’m going to do with bitcoin. I’m going to build a bitcoin ATM. I bought a used ATM on ebay. This will be fun….

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Possible Directions

What shall I do with Bitcoin first? To date I’ve downloaded the mac client and purchased some bitcoin. My next step is to get bitcoind compiled for my macbook. Some services I could build for Bitcoin: Bitcoin futures market Bitcoin credit Bitcoin credit scoring Bitcoin escrow accounts Bitcoin fundraiser using pooled mining

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